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Information and announcements for singers


Rehearsals are held in the Church Commons of the Church of the Holy Spirit, 3345 Lexington Road, on Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm, to 8:30 pm.   Free parking is available. 

Concert Dress:

Men: Black Tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie
Women:  All black formal wear, which can include pants if not casual wear.  Sleeves at least three-quarter length; higher neckline

Complaints or Issues:

We strive to operate in an atmosphere of mutual respect and free of any inappropriate conduct.  Please take any issues which arise on those points (or any others) either to the Artistic Director or to the President of LMC, currently Bill Coleman, as you chose, given the particular situation. 

Financial Commitment:

We do not require that you make a financial commitment to participate.  We anticipate that all sheet music will be provided during this season. 

However, we need volunteer help to survive—for activities from helping to move risers and chairs to preparing mailings to selling tickets.  We also need help with donations, obtaining donations and obtaining advertising for our programs.  

We hope that because you value the opportunity to sing with us that you will want to volunteer in whatever ways are appropriate for you.

Social Opportunities:

Rehearsals are pretty much all business-but we hope you will introduce yourself to those around you and start to get to know people.  To help with that, we will have a few social events during the season—we anticipate a kick-off party in the summer after the chorus is formed and the publicity brochures are ready, a winter party to celebrate our successes so far and perhaps other events as they are suggested.



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